September 2023 - Portugal Wines

September 2023 - Portugal Wines

Join us for an adventure as we continue our tasting trip through Europe... next stop, Portugal!

We will be tasting four, carefully selected wines that showcase the great diversity of wines from Portugal: 

Chef Cristina Fazeli will be leading the wine discussion. She also crafted the menu of small plate tapas to enhance the experience and will detail how all the ingredients work together to intensify the wines and create unforgettable moments. 

Chef Fazeli has over 20 years experience as a professional chef, wine ambassador, and restauranteur. She has honed her skills in a variety of cuisines from classic French to modern fusion. Chef Fazeli has traveled extensively and studied grape varietals and regions to understand their complexities and subtleties. Her former restaurant, Chablis Food +Wine was awarded the title of "Jewel of Tarzana" in 2011.  As a wine ambassador, Cristina is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She continues to innovate and inspire through her work and is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for all who taste her food and wine pairings. Food and wine bring us together. Come join us for this exploration of Portugues wines and the foods that Chef Fazeli has selected.

Bonus Wine
Quinta de Ramozeiros – Tinto – 2015 - Douro DOC