January 2024-
Pinot Noir of the Americas

January 2024 - Pinot Noir of the Americas

We will be presenting and tasting five fabulous Pinot Noirs along with light tapas for education, enjoyment and making social connections with fellow wine lovers.
Our  wine selection:
Belle Glos, Santa Barbara County, 2022

Foris, Rogue Valley, Oregon, 2021

Lyric, Santa Barbara County, 2020

Martin Ray, Sonoma Coast, 2019

Monte Alpha, D.O. Aconcagua Costa, Chile, 2020


Hosted by 

Marie Weingardt

Co-Hosted by 

Shari McAnally


Presentation by 

Gabriel Ballantine, RNDC 

New Mexico Fine Wine Specialist 

Level 1 Sommelier